How Do Sewer Camera Inspections Work, and Why Are They So Popular?

At SPT, we train our technicians to be precise and careful in all of the work we do, and because of this, we rely on our sewer camera inspection services to give us clear insight into the conditions of your pipelines.

How They Work

A technician from SPT will arrive at your home, shut off the water services, and go down to your sewer line. From an already-established entry point, we will insert a small, flexible rod into your pipe, and attached to the end is a high-quality camera capable of feeding video, taking pictures, and providing our technicians with the information they need to accurately diagnose the problem.

We can easily detect issues including breaks in the joints, cracks, leaks, clogs, tree root clumps, and other common problems through our sewer camera inspections. Here at SPT, we take our jobs seriously and offer a helpful diagnosis, potential budget, and availability needs so you know exactly what you’re getting yourself into before you sign up for anything. We understand that money, time, and energy are all resources we struggle to preserve, so we’re flexible and willing to work with you.

Sewer camera inspections employ trenchless technology, and because of this, has allowed the process of inspections to be more simple and effective. Prior to the incorporation of trenchless technologies, experts would’ve needed to dig a large, deep trench the length of your pipe. These trenches can take days or weeks to dig, and this doesn’t include the repair process itself, and after the job is done, property remediation is tasked to the property owners, costing them even more money in an already expensive, time-consuming process. Here at SPT, we recognize the importance of preserving your property and keeping homeowners safe, and our sewer camera inspections allow us to do just that. We don’t have to dig trenches, and by being able to directly inspect your pipes from the inside, our diagnostics are much more accurate and comprehensive, ensuring that the solutions will be catered to your situation and fully address the problem. With a more cost-effective, quick process in place, sewer camera inspections have taken the industry by storm, making them among the most popular and effective services we have to offer. With sewer camera inspections, you don’t have to sacrifice your property and landscaping to restore your pipelines. SPT has the best solutions for fixing your pipes without the hassle and work associated with other methods.

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