Trying to Find a Plumbing Company in Florida? Look For These Three Characteristics!

If you’re looking for a plumber chances are you will not find a shortage here in Florida. The real question is finding the right plumbing company for your problem. With an overwhelming number of choices, how can you discern the real deal plumbers in the area? Whether you’re a homeowner in Jacksonville or a property manager in Tampa, look for these three qualities in the next plumber you hire for a pipe inspection or to unclog a backup problem.


Experience, experience, and experience. Look for companies who have been in the business for ten or more years. Longevity is a tall tale sign that this plumbing company is the real deal. Put in a simple analogy, whom would you choose to fly with, a pilot with a year or two of experience, or a pilot with ten or more years of flight time? The pilot with more flight experience! The same concept is true in the plumbing industry. With more time comes more experienced technicians and chances are they’ve seen your particular pipe problem before and will be able to fix it! Hiring a plumbing contractor that has been in business for less than a few years is risky in comparison to hiring a company that has been in business for at least a decade.


One of the most frustrating experiences is having a company identifying your problem yet, not having the technology or services to fix it. Find a plumbing contractor that has a wide variety of services that way the problem will be solved no matter if it’s a toilet backup, a cracked sewer line or pinhole leak in your potable water system. Look for companies that have video pipe inspection technologies, sanitary and storm drain cleaning services, sewer odor and rodent detection, and trenchless pipe restoration services such as Cured In Place Pipe (CIPP) lining.


Even if your plumbing problem may not be costly enough to need a bond, it’s a good question to ask a potential plumbing company you are considering hiring for a job. It’s a very effective prequalifying tool. A company that’s bid bondable says a lot about the business – it’s an indicator of their character, experience, and financial viability.

Ignoring these qualities is very risky behavior when you’re talking about spending a considerable amount of money on your house or building. Hiring a plumber in Florida is like choosing a doctor but for your property. It can be an invasive process that needs experienced hands to fix the problem. When it’s time to hire a new plumbing company within Sarasota, Fort Lauderdale or Miami, do your research and look for these three characteristics during the vetting process.

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