How Drain Cleaning Services Can Keep Your Hamilton, Ohio Home From Flooding

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There are many ways to keep unwanted water away from your home premises. There’s the floor drains located beneath your basement floor, in your bathroom, your garage, the laundry room, and patio. Excess sewer water and rain are ferried away from the floor and straight to the main sewer line.

As a home and business owner, you can’t underestimate the importance of having floor drains located in strategic places around the house. Therefore, it’s in your best interest to ensure that they keep working properly by making them a part of your home maintenance list.

How do you keep your home from flooding? Here are a few tips to consider. Remember that drain cleaning services are still the best option for long-term peace of mind.

Check Your Gutters for Debris

One easy way to ensure they keep running at optimal condition is to check and see if your downspouts and gutter are aligned, in good shape, and clean. Gutters, in particular, should not hold any debris so water will not get stuck and accumulate. The gutter and the indoor drain systems are vital for keeping water away. So when they don’t function as intended it’s time to call in technicians for professional-level drain cleaning services.

Clogged drains present a huge problem because groundwater will stop flowing into them, which results in water backing up around your home. This could turn into an emergency since if the blockages become too hard to clear out the only solution is to replace your pipes.

Keep Trap Seals Topped Off

Basement drains are points of interest because they aren’t used regularly. The water in the P-trap section has water in order to keep the sewer gases from escaping. You’ll know that your trap seals need water when it dries up and starts emitting a foul odor. Simply flush the drain with water to keep the gases out and the trap seals topped off.

Test Your Sump Pump

These fixtures are mainly responsible for keeping your basement dry. To test that your sump pump is working correctly, pour a bucket of clean water into it and wait for the mechanism to activate. The sump pump should drain the water and turn off once the water has been cleared away. If it doesn’t, call the one of the experts at SPT as soon as possible to have it looked at and prevent future flooding.

Install Back Water Valves

A backwater valve is a drain designed to allow water to move exclusively away from your home. Installing these valves into your floor drains will help guard against a backup in cases when too much water is pouring in your pipes. A small, one-way flap in the pipe opens to let water leave your home but pushes closed if water from the sewer tries to come back in. These valves can last for years with routine maintenance, and are a great investment for Ohio’s rainy season.

Properly maintained drains and pipes is key to preventing flooding and other forms of water damage. If you notice at any time that your floor drains aren’t working, call us and we will restore them to normal. At SPT, our drain cleaning services can resolve your issue in a timely manner, and save you thousands of dollars in with our high-tech solutions.

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