How Drain Cleaning Safely Removes Clogs

Clogs are troublesome and inconvenient, but at SPT, we have the solutions needed to completely remove them and restore your pipelines back to normal. Our team at SPT offers drain cleaning practices that are innovative and rely on trenchless technology to be fully effective.

The most popular and powerful solution we have to offer is hydro jetting. This process is versatile in application and can be used to not only remove dense clogs but also clean the entire diameter of the pipeline, washing away debris and waste that has accumulated on the walls. This restores the original diameter and smoothness of the interior of the pipeline and allows the flow of wastewater to be maximized and more efficient. Relying on pure water pressure to achieve these results, hydro jetting is a completely safe and eco-friendly drain cleaning process. There is no risk of corrosion as associated with chemical drain cleaners because the water is completely clean and safe for the pipes. The water pressure is forceful and is even capable of cutting through mineral deposits, calcification, and tree root clumps in pipelines as well. Hydro jetting can be used in a number of situations, making it a reliable solution for all of your drain cleaning needs. This process can be employed with minimally invasive techniques as well, as we only need a small access point to insert the hose with the specially designed nozzle attached. This nozzle is designed to maximize the effectiveness of the cleaning session, spraying water in all directions in the pipeline so that no spot is left untouched. Finally, drain cleaning is an affordable process, on top of being safe and reliable. With SPT, you can trust that our services will be comprehensive and effective, keeping your drains clean and clear of clogs for a long time. If you live in San Diego and require drain cleaning services that are fast and eco-friendly, look no further than our SPT office in the area to meet your needs!

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