What Are The Different Types of Drain Cleaning Methods and Which Ones Are The Most Effective?

It’s true that a timely sewer inspection can save you from having to get time off from work in case of emergencies, but what happens when there’s a clog? You’d assume that it can be solved with a handy drain cleaner, but this is not the case. Thankfully, there are several proven methods of drain cleaning processes to rid yourself of pesky clogs. These types range from basic to professional, using different tools from handhelds to high-tech equipment.

The end result should be the same- a clear pipe that’s almost as new as the original condition. A pipe that can last for several more decades after the drain cleaning has been completed. SPT utilizes only the best and the latest drain cleaning equipment to deliver excellent results each and every time.

Hydro Jetting

This green drain cleaning solution uses mostly high-pressure water and a special nozzle to unblock the clog. A flexible hose connects through an adjustable nozzle that emits water to disintegrate sludge, soap, grease, calcified deposits, and ordinary household objects. Even tree roots that have invaded the joints of your pipes will get flushed away to the municipal sewer system. The water flow is noticeably improved and the pipelines are clean and ready for immediate usage again following the cleaning session

Unlike commercial drain cleaners, hydro jetting will not cause potential harm such as environmental hazards, contamination, or advanced corrosion because it relies on pure water to get the job done. Most of all, hydro jetting won’t require extensive landscape digging and excavation. When used by our skilled technicians, it won’t cause damage to your pipes. It’s applicable to both residential and commercial sewer and drain lines. The equipment is largely portable and can be brought in the van for fixing drains in homes, restaurants, and offices. The entire process only takes a few hours to be completed and you won’t have to spend days without water main access.

Traditional Methods

For sensitive piping materials, our technicians can still bring out traditional drain cleaning tools such as snakes and augers. When used properly and in the right hands, these tools can clear up clogs to avoid untimely emergencies.

Drain snakes are often used to fix clogged toilets and sinks. It can clear up small blockages such as a clump of hair, tissue, etc. and to break up bigger debris. The long metal stick can fit through the drain and poke the clog, allowing water to come through. Expert technicians often use snakes in conjunction with augers for quickly clearing up the blockage. The snake pokes the clog while the auger pulls it using a hooked end, bringing into surface hard debris such as jewelry, toys, and other items.

Here at SPT, we take into consideration the scope and nature of the drain problem to come up with the best solution. The approach is always the same, whether the issue occurs in the kitchen drain, the bathroom drain or the basement drain. Our sewer line inspections require absolutely no digging. We can see what’s ailing your pipes using one access point. Call us and get the best drain cleaning services in Maryland today!

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