How We Detect Leaks and Eliminate Sewer Odors in Your Home

The smell of raw sewage is something that you shouldn’t experience first thing in the morning. But there’s no reason to ignore it because it points to a more serious problem. Sewer gas is actually toxic and often caused by small issues, such as a dried out seal.

It could also mean that there’s something wrong with your vent stack or the pipes in your home. The first step you should take is to check and see where the noxious odor is coming from. At SPT, our team is equipped with the latest odor detection technology to make it easier for us to determine the exact location of the leak.

How Sewer Odor Leak Detection Equipment Works

We isolate and put some pressure in areas where the leak may be located. In sewer systems, it’s much more difficult to see where the actual leak is because the pipes emit gas and not water. A preliminary sanitary testing is done before the vapor procedure. Here, our technicians match the gas leak with a vapor that has similar properties.

From there, it’s just a matter of determining the exact fault of your sewer lines. A smoke machine puffs visible vapor into the vent, which exposes the offending leak. The ailing pipeline is isolated and other potential issues such as faulty joints, holes, and breaks will be revealed. Our technicians use the diagnosis to come up with the best trenchless solution.

Our qualified technicians do a quick scan of your drain traps to ensure that they hold fresh and not brackish water. In cases of dry taps, we pour water on rarely used drains such as the ones located in your guest shower or the basement. Furthermore, we prevent future drying of the P-trap by adding anti-freeze so the drain water will not freeze during the colder seasons.

How We Repair Leaks In Homes

We also check for improperly-installed fixtures. If there’s one, then we do the work ourselves, complete with the proper venting and P-traps. Wax rings around the toilet sections will be replaced and re-installed should they appear to be worse for wear, as these are the usual suspects for escaping sewer gases. The small area between the wax ring to the toilet seeps through the drain which is usually found underneath the toilet.

For larger repairs, our technicians may need to disconnect your vent pipes and conduct a thorough cleaning procedure starting from the vents all the way to your roof. This cleaning process eliminates any potential problem and leads the escaping gas out of the property instead of inside it. For any discovered cracks and holes in the vents, we repair it using trenchless technology. In the end, the sewer-like smell is gone and you can go back to your daily life.

Don’t hesitate to call in the experts when you start noticing an unusual smell in any part of your house. Our professionals at SPT can detect the offending odor and carry out extensive repairs to safeguard your home from health hazards. Our technicians can repair any and all plumbing issues. Call us and get fair pricing today.

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