Dealing With Recurring Sewer Stoppages

The pipes, drains, and fixtures in your property are connected to the most crucial line in the entire home: the sewer line. Unfortunately, given improper use and other outdoor factors, the main sewer line can be overwhelmed. As a result, it can eventually become clogged, causing continuous stoppages to an extent where you will need premature sewer line services if not addressed promptly. 

Want to deal with the recurring sewer stoppages in your home? Well, it is vital to know what the root cause of sewer line stoppages is. Plus, you need to know the warning signs to help you avoid major sewer line repair. Specialized Pipe Technologies explains some of the common causes of sewer stoppages:

1.  Clogs

The continued clogs could be one of the reasons why your sewer line keeps on stopping. This could be due to hair, grease, oil, flushable wipes, or other materials that keep on entering the sewer line and drains. However, this is among the simplest problems you can fix. Just take extra precautions to restrict such materials from entering the sewer line, forcing you to require sewer line repair. Besides, you can set up drain catches to help trap items that may tamper with your sewer line.

2.  Sewer Pipe Damage

The recurrent sewer stoppages affecting your property could be due to damaged or broken sewer pipes. This can make it harder to drain through the sewer system resulting in frequent stoppages effectively. You can fix this by ensuring proper sewer pipe line repair courtesy of Specialized Pipe Technologies.

3.  Sagging Sewer Line

Sagging of sewer lines often occurs mostly when part of the pipe sinks because of ground or soil conditions. As such, the lower part starts collecting waste and paper, which causes recurrent stoppages. Let our team take a look to see if we need to repair or even replace sewer line to fix this problem.

4.  Infiltration of Tree Root

Many older sewer lines originate from clay and other porous materials. When tree roots grow and infiltrate the sewer line in search of water, they may cause frequent clogging. Make sure you schedule a sewer repair once you see such signs.

Do the sewer stoppages continue despite trying everything? Specialized Pipe Technologies has you covered. Whether you need us for pipe inspection, cleaning, or non-invasive pipe lining, our company does so with utmost efficiency. Call us or fill out the online form to schedule an appointment.

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