Cyclonic Cleaning: Extend the Lifespan of Your Sovent System

Is your building’s sovent system backing up at a young age? Whether it’s corrosion, grease buildup or any type of debris restricting the venting – effectively cleaning a sovent system without opening walls can be a challenge. SPT’s exclusive cyclonic cleaning technology can clean your sovent system safely without opening walls.

Sovent System Buildup

Cyclonic Cleaning Benefits: An Exclusive SPT Technology

  • Minimal Access Needed
  • No Risk of Flooding
  • Lateral Line Cleaning
  • Aggregate Designed to Safely Clean
  • Remove Daily Debris
  • Safely Remove Grease Buildup
  • Patent Pending
  • Extend Useful Lifespan
  • No Opening Walls

Cyclonic Cleaning Process

Mapping Your Sovent System

Mapping Your Sovent System

The first step toward cleaning your sovent system is identifying where the sovent system is located within the building in order to properly set up the equipment for the cyclonic cleaning process. A large vacuum truck will be secured on site and hoses will be strategically placed to gain access to the sovent system.

Aggregate Cleaning

Aggregate Sovent Cleaning

A CCTV camera documents the internal lateral pipe conditions and then the cleaning aggregate is inserted into the system. The combination of the aggregate and high powered vacuum removes any grease buildup or debris within the laterals and main sovent stack.

A Fully Functional Sovent System

A Fully Functional Sovent System

SPT’s cyclonic cleaning technology clears the sovent system so the venting functions at full capacity. Regular cyclonic cleanings can help your building’s sovent system avoid unexpected buildup and prolong the useful life of the system.

Whether your property’s sovent system is 20 years or 2 years old chances are your sovent system’s venting will become restricted causing backups. Common cleaning methods today require cutting access holes in dry wall however, SPT’s cyclonic cleaning process uses existing access points to safely and effectively clean both the lateral and main sovent stack. Efficiently clean your sovent system with SPT’s cyclonic cleaning technology today!

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