Clogged Drains? Our Cleaning Method Sucks - It uses vacuum. Really!

Frequent drain cleanings? You may need a different approach.

Do you keep having to call a plumber to clear blockages in your drain lines? If you can’t seem to get your drain pipes back to their original condition, it might be because you have a drain system that’s different than what most plumbers are used to – a Sovent system.

The Better Way to Clean Sovent

SPT offers the patent-pending Total Pipeline Cyclonic Cleaning System to safely remove blockages, debris and grease from your Sovent system, returning it to like-new condition. It’s more thorough and effective than mechanical cable systems and has none of the flood risk associated with hydro-jetting. Cyclonic cleaning swirl-cleans the inside of your Sovent system using vacuum and a mildly abrasive cleaning aggregate. It easily gets into drain laterals and the unique Sovent fittings for a vastly superior and safer clean.

What is a Sovent system?

Sovent is a single-pipe drainage system that improves flow in mid- to high-rise, multi-unit buildings. It became popular with builders in the 1960s because a single vertical drain pipe is less expensive to install than a conventional two-pipe system. But because of the unique design and specialized fittings found in a Sovent system, cleaning with conventional methods is often unsuccessful.

Why is Sovent harder to clean?

Sovent is harder to clean primarily due to the structure of specialized aerator and deaerator fittings that are not well suited to traditional mechanical cleaning methods. And attempting to clean vertical stacks with high pressure water jetting tools can cause major flooding inside a building within seconds if the stack is cracked, damaged, or is blocked during the jetting process.

How can I tell if I have Sovent?

It can be difficult to tell since the pipes are in the wall. The best method is to have SPT review building blueprints and inspect the system with CCTV cameras.

Cyclonic Cleaning Benefits

  • Thorough, Safe, Effective
  • Minimal Access Needed, Less Invasive
  • No Risk of Flooding
  • Lateral Lines Cleaned
  • Cleaning Medium is Safe on Pipes
  • Safely Removes Daily Debris
  • Safely Removes Grease Buildup
  • Returns Pipes to Like-New Condition

The SPT Cyclonic Cleaning Process

  • Mapping Your Sovent System Because Sovent systems are unique, a clear roadmap is essential. Using building drawings and camera inspections, SPT undertakes a comprehensive assessment of the Sovent system including lateral connections. From the mapping process we determine access points for our high-powered vacuum.

  • Mildly Abrasive Cleaning Medium An aggregate cleaning medium is introduced at various staging points such as rooftop vents and laterals. The turbulent nature of the cyclonic airflow causes the aggregate to impact the interior pipe wall, cleaning and degreasing it. The process also works on laterals without causing damage to the piping system. The grease-fouled media is collected and disposed of offsite, leaving you with a like-new Sovent system.

  • Camera Confirmation Inspection Cleaned stacks are then visually inspected via closed circuit video, to confirm that the cleaning has met our high standards, and our customers are presented with a confirmation video.

Why Choose SPT and the Total Pipeline Cyclonic Cleaning System?

  • We have been trusted to clean the Sovent systems of some of the largest hotel/casinos in Las Vegas, and high-rise condominiums in Florida and California.

  • The Cyclonic cleaning method cleans all interior surfaces and components of the Sovent system. Other methods are just not as thorough or comprehensive.

  • Our process doesn’t use pressurized water, so there is no risk of flood or backwash damage from sewage or grease.

  • Because the Cyclonic method is fast, quiet and environmentally safe, disturbance to your residents or guests is minimized. And rest assured, no chemicals or cleaners are used.

  • By including lateral drain cleaning you can ensure a thorough clean and a like-new Sovent system.

  • The entire method is non-invasive and there is no need to access the stack on each floor. Costs associated with removing and replacing drywall are eliminated.

Take the first step towards a like-new drain system – call SPT today!

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