What is CIPP Lining and What Makes It So Popular?

CIPP lining is today’s top solution when it comes to rehabilitating failed, broken, cracked, and leaking pipes. The no-dig technology entails the use of a liner to create a new pipe within the old one, making it a highly popular and effective repair method.

At SPT, for CIPP lining to be effective, we insert an HD CCTV camera into your system to check for the exact cause of the problem and see if there’s anything else that needs fixing. Your pipe must be free of tree roots, mineral buildup, clogs, dirt, and debris that could affect the lining process.

The felt tube our technicians use is made from fiberglass polyester cloth and a number of special compounds that improve the resin impregnation process. The material is pulled into place right inside the damaged pipe. Then, the CIPP liner expands by use of hot water or steam in order to activate the thermosetting resin, making it stick to the insides of the old pipe. Hot water curing systems need 3 hours for the liner to cure. In the end, you get a new sewer pipe inside the old pipe. The water main is turned on and you can use the system immediately.

Trenchless technology has become quite popular in San Francisco because it’s effective and there’s no need to dig up land to get to the problem. Moreover, it presents a longer-term solution as compared to traditional methods.

Eco-Friendly Solution**

The normal lay of pipelines is usually found underneath your property’s landscape. When repairs or replacements needed to be done, contractors had to use heavy machinery to uncover the underground pipes. CIPP lining is such a versatile solution that it can be used to repair pipes underneath yards, trees, basements and driveways without affecting the landscape above ground. In short, trenchless CIPP is the best way to repair your pipes without disrupting the surface.

Save More Time and Money With Trenchless Sewer Pipe Lining

Why suffer through days or weeks of having to wait until your sewer lines are fixed when you can just opt for trenchless repairs which only take a few hours? The no-dig reduces work time significantly, which means homeowners and business owners get to save more money on the repairs. There’s no added cost to restore the landscape and you can get back to worrying about the more important things in life.

Excellent Quality and Longevity

The joint-free attribute of the new pipe makes it difficult for invading tree roots and nearby bushes to penetrate through your system. Moreover, the material is less prone to corrosion, cracking and being disjointed. Though it only needs a few hours to complete, the pipe lasts for a good 50 years or even more.

Improve The Way Your Sewer System Functions

CIPP may be used to repair any material- PVC, clay, steel, cast iron, Orangeburg, corrugated metal, and concrete pipes. The smoothness and durability of the final result improves the overall flow and resists waste buildup and clogs from forming.

SPT is the leading trenchless technology provider in San Francisco. Call us for a no-dig repair solution today!

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