What’s better than saving for repairs? Not having to spend it.

Sewer Pipe Inspections: Is Your Association Prepared to Deal with a Plumbing Emergency? Sewer line back-ups, overflowing toilets, flooded bathrooms, leaking water heaters or condensate lines? There are a variety of pipes within association buildings that have the potential to fail over time. These emergency situations can often leave property managers and board of directors…

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3 Reasons SPT is Your Hospital Plumbing Expert

Those who provide medical care depend on reliability both in their staff and their environment. At SPT, our company understands how crucial it is to keep public access to health care. We use top of the line trenchless technology to reduce the chances of having a large plumbing problem. The trenchless technology we utilize at…

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3 Reasons Why Pipe Inspections Save You from Plumbing Nightmares

As a property manager or owner, you may be wondering why pipe diagnostic inspections are so important. The fact is, they typically end up saving you money. Having a camera inspection done on your property’s pipe systems can save you from costly, inconvenient, and often uncomfortable plumbing problems. Video inspections are a critical tool in…

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Preventative Plumbing Tips for You

Here are a few simple tips to keep everything flowing smoothly. Perform a Water Heater Check Up: Check your water heater, looking for leaks or signs of corrosion. Look around the base, take off the panel cover (if there is one) and look for puddles and rust. You should also drain a few gallons of water…

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Trusted Advisor. Proven Solutions.

Have you heard about pipe lining? Pipe lining is a safe and proven way to rehabilitate leaking or corroded pipes. It leaves your existing pipes in place but repairs them from the inside, so you don’t have to tear out walls or dig up lawns. It’s much faster and less expensive than pipe replacement, and…

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Clogged Drains? Our Cleaning Method Sucks – It uses vacuum. Really!

Frequent drain cleanings? You may need a different approach. Do you keep having to call a plumber to clear blockages in your drain lines? If you can’t seem to get your drain pipes back to their original condition, it might be because you have a drain system that’s different than what most plumbers are used…

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How SPT Can Service Your Commercial Pipes

Knowing who to trust to handle the servicing of your commercial pipes is not always easy. Knowing how your commercial pipes are serviced is even less easy. Expand your knowledge, and contact a licensed, professional plumber. We host a team of ardent professionals, each trained and experienced in the deployment of commercial and residential plumbing…

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Twice as Fast, Half the Cost

Like most people, you probably don’t think much about the pipes in your walls and floors until something goes wrong. Blockages, leaks, floods and foul odors can leave you facing astronomical repair costs and unhappy owners and residents. We can help you get it back running like new – in less time, with less hassle,…

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Maintaining Your Pipes For The New Year

With the new year quickly approaching, now is the time to think of resolutions and ways to improve yourself. If you are looking for a way to improve how you take care of your home or business, then consider the many ways that you can maintain your plumbing system in the new year. Although your…

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What is CIPP Lining and What Makes It So Popular?

CIPP lining is today’s top solution when it comes to rehabilitating failed, broken, cracked, and leaking pipes. The no-dig technology entails the use of a liner to create a new pipe within the old one, making it a highly popular and effective repair method. At SPT, for CIPP lining to be effective, we insert an…

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Specialized Pipe Technologies

SPT offers the most advanced pipe inspection, cleaning, and cured-in-place pipe lining technologies in the industry. With 25 years of experience inspecting, cleaning and restoring pressurized water pipes and non-pressurized drain pipe systems, SPT is the preferred choice for any sized project, whether a high-rise condominium, commercial building, or single family homes.