Taking Control Of Tree Roots

Tree roots had compromised the community’s pipes and were infiltrating the plumbing system. The HOA needed a partner they could trust to work within their budget. See how SPT worked to fix the problem.

A condo complex in Marina Del Rey, CA is lined with beautiful Ficus trees that provide shade and year-round greenery.  However, the owners were suffering regular backups of their plumbing system. With over 2000 ft of cast iron pipes underground in their common area, the HOA called the team at SPT to locate the problem. After a camera inspection, SPT could see that the roots of the trees had compromised the pipes and were infiltrating the plumbing system. 

The HOA needed to take action to correct the issue, but they wanted to work within the reserve budget they had accrued. Pipe replacement would have been far too costly as well as likely destroying the beautiful trees in their common area. SPT presented a customized plan to clean and maintain the common area pipes. After discussing the options with the homeowners, they decided to conduct an in-depth cleaning process to help restore the pipes, while staying within the community association’s budget. 

The SPT team used both pressurized and non-pressurized cleaning methods to remove the roots. Non-pressurized is often referred to as a mechanical cleaning. It is a tried and true cleaning method that helps to break up and cut through large roots and blockages. However, it does not always get through leftover residue. Pressurized cleaning, or hydro-jetting, is a newer technology that uses high pressure water to blast away residue and buildup in pipes. It is great for working though bends and elbows to ensure a thorough cleaning of the entire plumbing system. For this job, the SPT team used both methods to remove the roots and debris so they could restore the pipes to their original flow.   

The team at SPT worked with the HOA board to make sure they were accommodating to the needs of the residents and their budget. They cleaned over 2000 ft of cast iron pipes on the property to get things back to working condition. Now the residents can so get back to usual knowing that they have a partner they can trust when they need it.

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