Saving History with Pipe Lining

Since 1949, the historic halls of a university in Southern California have served as the heart of campus life. However, after 70 years in operation, the campus buildings and sewer and drain infrastructure were in need of a major revamp. The school looked to Specialized Pipe Technologies to help upgrade their campus for a modern student life, while ensuring the preservation of their historic past.

The pipe infrastructure on campus had seen significant wear and tear over the years. Scaling, corrosion, and cracks had created ongoing problems for the students and staff. Because the pipes are all located underground, replacing them would require excavating the floors and landscape of the property. The decades old murals on the walls and the Spanish tile floors would suffer the consequences. The destruction would be impossible to manage without taking all the history with it, so they knew restoring the pipes in place was their only option.

Engineering firms presented their plans to the school board with various ways to address the pipe issues. SPT partnered with an engineering contractor to present their experience with pull-in-place pipe lining. With pipe lining, an epoxy saturated liner is inserted into the existing pipes without digging them up or removing them. Once the liner is pulled into place, a bladder is inflated to push it against the wall of the pipe. The epoxy resin cures into place, effectively building a pipe within a pipe. Push/pull-in-place pipe lining is a unique installation technique that is the most precise and least destructive method in the lining industry. And since it utilizes existing access points like drain cleanouts, it avoids any significant damage to a property.

Other contractors presented plans to restore the pipes, using inversion equipment or pipe bursting. While these methods are less invasive than pipe replacement, they require bulky and expensive equipment, do not offer the same control of the placement of the liners, and require extensive digging in order to reach the pipes.

The school board saw that SPT and the engineering firm were the best partners for the project. SPT cleaned and lined all of the underground piping system, including main and lateral connections with their pull-in-place installation. They completed their project within 2 months as a part of the overall campus renovation. The school can now breathe a sigh of relief that their campus history will go on for many generations to come.

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