Renovate Your Pipes with Pipe Lining


Renovate Your Pipes with Pipe Lining

Homeowners in a luxurious Palm Beach condominium complex were troubled with ongoing issues with their sewage system. Built in the 1960s, many of the units in the building had been renovated, but the pipes inside the building were suffering from continual wear and tear. Heavy scale buildup, failing joints and longitudinal cracks were causing backups in a few of the units. With high-end finishes and ocean views, the HOA took great pride in their homes and did not want to disrupt the upgrades that many of the owners had completed throughout the years. Replacing the pipes would have required digging up the floors and tearing out walls, so they turned to pipe lining to fix the plumbing problems without destroying their property.

The homeowners got started requesting estimates from Specialized Pipe Technologies as well as another lining company in the area. Both companies conducted their investigations and submitted proposals for the project. SPT presented a detailed plan using their preferred pull-in-place installation method. This technique gives the installer complete control of the lining process, allowing them to measure the exact placement of the liner and to verify their work with the help of a camera. While this process is very hands-on, it provides the technician the ability to adjust the liner as needed during the installation, for a precision placement every time. The other company’s plan focused on reinstatement and an inversion method of installation. While this method might be faster for longer distance lining projects, it does not provide the same certainty for piping networks located inside the building. The HOA board was so impressed with SPT’s experience, professionalism, and their comprehensive plan for the project, they awarded them the job.

The SPT team prioritized the stacks that were in the worst condition to be completed first. Most of the work was done using existing pipe access points located on the roof as well as some first-floor units. This allowed them to minimize the destruction to the property and disruption to the residents. The team of technicians conducted a thorough cleaning of the pipes to remove scale and buildup, returning the pipe to its original diameter. They followed with an epoxy resin that cures in place to create a structural pipe within the existing frame, correcting any cracks or misalignments in the joints and fittings. The SPT team completed the first phase of the project within 4 weeks. SPT continues to work with their HOA board to complete the remaining stacks and the main sewer lines located underground. Now the homeowners can breathe a sigh of relief knowing that they won’t have to deal with sewer backups for many years to come.

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    For over 25 years SPT has provided sewer, water line and storm drain inspection, cleaning and non-invasive pipe lining solutions. We help property owners and managers clean and repair their existing pipes using “no-dig” non-invasive renewal techniques. SPT repairs leaks and cracks with our internal “pipe-within-a-pipe” lining process that uses existing access points and doesn’t require tearing out walls or landscaping. 

    Our expert pipe lining installation teams have rehabilitated more than 2 million linear feet of pipe!