Re-Thinking Pipe Replacement

After 45 years in operation, the owners of a condo complex in the Channel Islands Harbor needed to address their failing plumbing system. Built in 1975, the cast iron pipes in the building were cracked and many of the units experienced destructive leaks and sewer odors. The HOA knew they needed to fix the problem, so they began the grueling process of replacing their pipes.

They were well on their way of replacing the drain stacks in the building when they met Tyler from SPT at a local networking luncheon. Tyler talked to them about pipe lining, a non-destructive alternative to pipe replacement. After learning that pipe lining lasted just as long, took less time to complete, and entailed virtually zero construction hassle, they knew they needed to re-think the project.

SPT did a thorough camera inspection before preparing a plan to clean and restore the pipes and submitting a final estimate. The board did their due diligence too, requesting that SPT test line a section of the pipe. Not only was the pipe lining effective, but the bid was half the price of pipe replacement, included a faster timeline, and meant far less hassle for the residents.  Pipe lining was the best way to get back to normal, so they wanted to act fast.

The SPT technicians reached the pipes through existing access points on the roof and parking garage. As the SPT team noted, “The residents barely knew we were there.” SPT cleaned the pipes of any clogs and debris, then lined the pipes with an epoxy resin to create a “pipe within a pipe”. These owners can rest easy now that the problems have been taken care of.

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Specialized Pipe Technologies

SPT offers the most advanced pipe inspection, cleaning, and cured-in-place pipe lining technologies in the industry. With 25 years of experience inspecting, cleaning and restoring pressurized water pipes and non-pressurized drain pipe systems, SPT is the preferred choice for any sized project, whether a high-rise condominium, commercial building, or single family homes.