Nurse has been giving back for over 40 years. SPT thought she deserved a little help for herself.

As a nurse, Collette has spent her life taking care of others. After years working in hospitals and operating rooms, she now spends her time working with elderly patients in an assisted living facility. Like most people, Collette doesn’t like to think about her plumbing unless there is a problem. Over the years, she would experience slow drains and hire a plumber to snake the pipe any time there was a drainage issue. But as her house began to age, the problems with her pipes began to multiply.

She knew she needed to do something, so she asked for advice from the maintenance manager at her office. He recommended Specialized Pipe Technologies. He had worked with SPT at another assisted living facility and knew that they were trustworthy and professional. Knowing she could trust his expert opinion, she called SPT. Our technicians came to the house to do a camera inspection and found a cracked pipe and heavy build up inside the pipe. The damage was significant. The pipes would need to be thoroughly cleaned, lined to repair the cracks, and a pipe section with an access point replaced.

On top of the plumbing issues, Collette was overwhelmed at work due to the increased Covid-19 precautions. Her job and the elderly people that she cares for are her top priority. She not only needs to protect herself through social distancing, but she has to think about the welfare of these vulnerable patients. The staff at SPT recognized Collette’s good nature and knew that her devotion to caring for others was something to be rewarded. They decided to do the work for her free of charge. They joined forces with a local plumber to clean the pipes, replace the broken access point, and line the pipes throughout her home. She can now have peace of mind knowing her plumbing concerns are a thing of the past.

“It’s a godsend that I don’t have to think about my plumbing anymore.” – Collette, SPT Customer

At SPT, we appreciate the nurses, doctors and all of the first responders caring for others in this unprecedented time. Helping Colette with her pipes is a small token of appreciation for all that they do.
As an essential business, the safety of our employees and our customers are our first priority and we are actively taking every precaution to keep customers and our team members safe. We’ll get through this together.

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