No Concrete Cutting Required – Pipe Lining Sewer Pipe Repair

Homeowners of a 1961 condominium complex were suffering from reoccurring sewer backups, so they called a plumber to correct the situation. After a camera inspection, the plumber found cast iron pipes suffering from corrosion, roots and backups. The damage was considerable, so he recommended replacing the pipes. The plumber’s quote to replace the pipes was very expensive and would have taken months to complete. Plus, the pipes were hard to reach and would have required jackhammering the concrete slabs in each of the property’s six buildings. The costs of the project and the restoration of the property were adding up and the HOA was feeling distraught.

The property management company looked for a better option for the homeowners and contacted SPT through their local CAI chapter to get more information. Both the HOA and property management company had some hesitation about pipe lining because they were unfamiliar with the process. SPT’s account manager took the time to explain that pipe lining is a less expensive alternative to pipe replacement, requires minimal disruption to the property, and provides a long term and safe alternative to fix their plumbing problems.

The SPT technicians started by installing 6 cleanouts and conducting a full inspection of the pipe system. After assessing the project, they determined that a portion of the pipes were still in good working condition, so they credited back the cost for lining that portion of the project to the HOA. Then they thoroughly cleaned and lined 990 feet of 4” cast iron sewer pipe. They followed up with a final pipe camera inspection to ensure the lining was installed properly and provided a detailed project report to the homeowners.

The project was completed over the course of a couple weeks with no damage to the property. The homeowners can now relax knowing that their existing drain, waste and vent system has been renewed for years to come.

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    For over 25 years SPT has provided sewer, water line and storm drain inspection, cleaning and non-invasive pipe lining solutions. We help property owners and managers clean and repair their existing pipes using “no-dig” non-invasive renewal techniques. SPT repairs leaks and cracks with our internal “pipe-within-a-pipe” lining process that uses existing access points and doesn’t require tearing out walls or landscaping. 

    Our expert pipe lining installation teams have rehabilitated more than 2 million linear feet of pipe!