Case Studies

Pelican Cove Condominium Association is one of the largest single condominium communities in Florida.

Pelican Cove Condominiums Sarasota, FL 731 Units

Pelican Cove Condominium

As in many 35-year-old properties, the owners began to experience blockages and other issues related to their aging pipe infrastructure including cracked or broken cast iron pipes and root infiltration. Realizing they had a significant problem on their hands, the Association sought a long-term solution that would extend the life of their pipes and have minimal impact on the beautiful landscape, the units, and the unit owners. Specialized Pipe Technologies delivered the perfect solution, enabling the Association to maintain the property’s natural beauty while restoring the pipes in all 731 units.

Based on the unique situation of Pelican Cove, SPT proposed a CIPP (Cured-in-Place Pipe) lining solution with a customized plan that took into account the property’s landscape and unit designs. The solution would extend the lifespan of cast iron pipes for 75 or more years. SPT’s installation process required little disruption to the utilities or work inside the units, and it minimized drywall repair needs. Having worked with HOAs for more than 20 years, SPT understands that abiding by Association rules is paramount. SPT strictly followed the property’s service provider guidelines and partnered closely with the Association in developing an educational process and communication plan that kept residents and staff fully informed and supported throughout the project. On time and within budget, SPT returned the pipes to like-new condition and preserved the value of the property.

Silver Thatch Atlantic Plaza Case Study

360 units Pompano Beach, FL

silver thatch atlantic plaza

The Silver Thatch Atlantic Plaza is a 360-unit condominium complex located in Pompano Beach, FL. Due to the age of the property, deteriorating pipes were forcing residents to deal with leaks and sewer backups with increasing frequency. The maintenance staff was clearing blockages with traditional plumbing methods on an “as-needed” basis, but the number and frequency of the issues made it clear that something was amiss. The condominium association knew they needed a long-term fix but wanted a solution that avoided a great deal of expense, hassle, and resident disruption.

Silver Thatch turned to Specialized Pipe Technologies and their Cured in Place Pipe (CIPP) lining solution. SPT cleaned and lined over 7,500 feet of cast iron pipes, 44 vertical waste stacks that were over 170 feet each, and nearly 1,400 feet of cast iron underground sewer lines. The pipes ranged from 4 to 8 inches in diameter. The CIPP lining process restored, repaired and renewed the Silver Thatch’s corroding pipe system with minimal disruption, with 80% less time and 40% lower cost than pipe replacement.

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