Benefits of Camera Inspection Before Repair Services

A common reason for a video camera inspection in Miami, FL, especially when you contact Specialized Pipe Technologies about sewer-related issues, is to determine what approach to repair is most appropriate. Here’s a closer look at how taking this step before repairs are made can be beneficial.

Identifying the Problem Area

Because sewer lines don’t affect water pressure, it can be difficult to tell where the problem is. Results from a sewer inspection in Miami, FL will clearly show what part of your sewer line is affected. Camera-based inspections provide real-time results that clearly show what section of a sewer line is clogged, collapsed, or cracked without the need to dig to find out.

Determining How to Make Repairs

In order to repair an existing sewer line with trenchless methods, it needs to be stable enough to insert a liner. What a video inspection in Miami, FL can do is take a camera attached to a flexible rod down to the affected area to determine if the pipe is stable enough for trenchless repair techniques.

Knowing How to Approach Pre-Repair Cleaning

Before a sewer line is repaired, it will need to be cleaned if trenchless repair is what will be done. A video camera inspection in Miami, FL will show our technicians the condition of your entire sewer line. This way a safe cleaning method can be used prior to making repairs.

Get Started with a Sewer Inspection Today

Even if you only suspect a sewer-related problem, contact SPT to get started with a camera inspection in Miami, FL. We’ll let you know what’s going on so you can make a well-informed decision about which one of our services you’ll benefit from most.

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