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Why the Plumbing Venting System is so Important

Why the Plumbing Venting System is so Important

The plumbing vent, also known as a vent stack, helps regulate the air pressure in your plumbing system. Your building plumbing system is designed to efficiently remove water and waste. Its drainage and vent functions are two systems that work together: while drainage pipes carry waste out of your building to the city sewer or…

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Camera Inspections: What’s inside your pipes?

Sewer Camera Inspection

Pipes are often the last thing we think about when it comes to our homes and communities, but as the buildings that we live and work in get older, plumbing problems become more and more likely. A plumbing system accounts for about 10% of the asset value of any home or building, so when a…

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Do Gurgling Drains Indicate a Bigger Issue?

drain cleaning in Miami, FL

If you notice a constant gurgling noise from your drains, don’t ignore it. They shouldn’t occur if your drainage system is in good working condition. In fact, this strange noise is one of the common indicators of clogs in the drain and even the main sewer line. When this happens, get in touch with Specialized…

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When Does Your Commercial Property Need Sewer Cleaning?

sewer cleaning in Naples, FL

Many property owners often overlook sewer maintenance, which is a crucial aspect of operating a business. However, failure to take care of your company’s sewer lines can generate extra expense or even corporate liability if problems ever arise. In today’s blog, Specialized Pipe Technologies shares the following tips on when to enlist commercial sewer cleaning.…

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How Odor Detection Protects You in The Long Term

odor detection in San Diego, CA

If you detect sewer odors from your drains and can’t locate the source, you might have a serious issue that needs immediate attention. In this case, turn to Specialized Pipe Technologies right away for expert sewer odor detection. With our extensive experience, we’ll promptly locate the source and take the most appropriate steps to guarantee…

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Are Your Pipes Due For A Check-Up?

pipe specialists use CCTV camera inspections

It’s hard to know what your pipes are telling you. Slow drains, leaks, and foul odors are common signs of a plumbing problem, but they can leave us unsure of the magnitude of the situation. Is it a simple clog or something much bigger? As many of the buildings that we work and live-in age,…

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Signs of Outdated Sewer Pipes

pipe repair in Las Vegas, NV

Outdated sewer pipes are one of the major concerns of older homes and businesses. However, many property owners tend to overlook them, partly because of the cost and the inconvenience caused when updating them. Unless you live or work in new construction , it’s best to have your pipes inspected by reputable sewer pipe repair…

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Dealing With Recurring Sewer Stoppages

sewer line repair

The pipes, drains, and fixtures in your property are connected to the most crucial line in the entire home: the sewer line. Unfortunately, given improper use and other outdoor factors, the main sewer line can be overwhelmed. As a result, it can eventually become clogged, causing continuous stoppages to an extent where you will need…

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Why Prompt Storm Drain Cleaning Matters

storm drain cleaning in San Diego, CA

Exterior storm drains collect water and runoff from your landscape and roofs. However, if a storm drain gets clogged, you can be left with excess water and damage from flooding. This is one of the reasons why prompt storm drain cleaning like what’s provided by Specialized Pipe Technologies is important. Here are some other reasons…

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What You Need to Know About Slow-Flushing Toilets

drain cleaning in Sarasota, FL

An occasional slow flush here and there usually isn’t much to worry about. However, if your toilet is sluggish when flushing on a regular basis, contact Specialized Pipe Technologies about drain cleaning. Below, we go over what you’ll want to know about slow-flushing toilets and what we can do to help. Check Your Tank First…

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