4 Tips To Keep Your Sink Drains Flowing Smoothly

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Functional drains are vital to home maintenance. Simple clogs can become major issues if they are not checked and repaired in a timely manner. If you’re finding the water in your sink takes a lot of time to drain or is collecting in your basin, more than likely a clog is to blame. Any sink runs the risk of getting a clog, so proper drain care and maintenance are essential throughout the home.

There are many ways to keep your drains in working order and prevent costly repairs. Here are four simple steps you can take to make sure your sinks are functioning and your pipes stay healthy.

  • 1) Use Your Garbage Disposal Selectively
    Garbage disposals are handy tools for dealing with kitchen waste; however, too often items that the garbage disposal can’t handle - such as tea leaves, tissue paper, and hard or sticky foods - are placed in it, creating a clog in the pipe. Before putting something in your garbage disposal, consider its size and texture. Will the blades be able to effectively chop it? Once chopped, will it fit easily down a relatively small pipe? As a rule of thumb, if the ground-up version of something would likely clog your toilet it’s probably not a good candidate for going into the garbage disposal.

  • 2) Make Good Use of Drain Covers
    The pipes running away from most sinks are relatively small, making them perfect for conducting your used water but also susceptible to clogging. Putting a mesh drain cover over your drain will filter the debris out, preventing it from getting lodged in your pipes and causing a backup. Drain covers are inexpensive, easy to clean, and durable making them a great alternative to expensive pipe repairs.

  • 3) Be Mindful of Oil and Grease Disposal
    Oil, grease, and other fatty liquids are dangerous to piping. While their texture may give the impression that they would wash away easily, the cooling process thickens these fats making it very difficult for them to move through your pipelines. So, instead of using your sink, deposit used oil into a container and throw it into the garbage. Your plumbing system - and your wallet - will thank you for it.

  • 4) Run Hot Water Down Your Drain
    Hot water can do wonders for breaking up smaller clogs, and helps prevent new ones from forming. Drains that often have materials other than water run down them, such as those in your kitchen or your bathtub, will benefit greatly from a semi-regular flush. Boil water in a large pot and pour it slowly down your drain, dislodging minor debris and allowing it to be washed away before it becomes a bigger problem.

With a little effort, keeping your drains flowing smoothly can be easy. And, if a clog does arise, the pros at Specialized Pipe Technologies are always available to help you get your plumbing back in shape.

Contact Specialized Pipe Technologies today at 855-960-5393.

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