4 Signs You May Need Drain Cleaning

Every day we take a shower, wash our hands, dishes, and clothes. We go to the bathroom, we water lawns, and occasionally our cars. Every day our potable pipes and drain lines are put to work. Using anything, whether it’s your car or your plumbing system, additional maintenance may need to be performed to keep things operating smoothly. Unfortunately, most plumbing systems are not self-cleaning and after years and years of everyday use, pipes may need cleaning and/or further maintenance to extend the lifespan of the pipe system.

If you own or manage a property that is over ten years old and have not looked into your potable or sanitary plumbing now is a good time before costly plumbing failures occur. Once installed, pipes begin to corrode from the inside out. Corrosion is a natural microbiological chemical reaction that causes scale buildup that decreases the diameter of the pipe. As you can image, the decrease of pipe diameter from corrosion can cause serious plumbing problems in the future if left untouched. Since corrosion decreases the diameter of the pipe, water, toilet paper, food, and other miscellaneous objects have less room to flow through the system. This can often cause backups, loss of water pressure, and drains to slowly drain over time.

Signs That You Should Clean Your Plumbing System:

  • Loss of water pressure in shower heads and faucets.
  • Shower, kitchen, and other drains are draining slowly.
  • Drain noises are occurring such as gurgling.
  • Sewer odor smells from drains.

Regularly cleaning and maintaining potable and sanitary pipe systems may sound like common sense, and it is. However, it’s very easy to forget these pipes exist in our walls, floors, ceilings, and lawns. Pipes fall under the category of out of sight out of mind. To keep plumbing systems running smoothly investing and preparing for routine cleaning and maintenance services can extend the lifespan of your potable, sanitary, and other pipe systems in your property.

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