3 Tips for How To Keep Your Bay Area Restaurant’s Drains Healthy

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In restaurants and other commercial enterprises, keeping your drains healthy is a very challenging task. The taps and drains in your restaurant are all frequently used by the chefs and customers, and with the long and busy working hours of Bay Area restaurants, drain pipes are often subjected to the worst. The result: the pipes will clog very often, and restaurants can’t afford to have that continually happen and slow down business. The best advice is to follow these 3 tips for how to keep your Bay Area restaurant’s drains healthy:

Train Your Employees

Many employees, especially the new ones, unconsciously and unknowingly throw grease and other food particles down the drains. Training your employees can go a long way in reducing drain clogs. Educate your employees to adopt the following practices:

  • Be mindful of what you throw down the drain. Before washing dirty dishes, throw away the leftovers in the garbage disposal, and this applies to leftover oil and grease as well. Employees should also be mindful of coffee grounds, gum, fruit and vegetable stickers, and bottle caps and ensure that these are all disposed of in a trash bin.
  • Regularly pour hot water down your drains. Hot water kills bacteria in the drains and also pushes any buildup into the main sewer line, encouraging efficient wastewater flow to resume like normal.
  • Steer clear of store-bought drain cleaners. When used regularly, they destroy your sewer pipes. This makes it difficult for professional drain cleaners to do their job.
  • Train your employees to properly use a plumbing snake, because if handled incorrectly, these tools can cause major damage within pipelines.

Develop Standard Practices

Ask your employees to drain hot water down the drains at closing time. Once or twice a week, they can also use DIY drain cleaners. A good practice is to sprinkle a good dash of baking soda over your drain. Follow up with a cup of vinegar. Let the mixture sizzle and work its magic down the drain. End with pouring hot water into the drain. This practice is the best alternative to drain clears if you want to keep your drains healthy.

Regular Professional Drain Cleaning Services

Professional drain cleaners use high-pressure water to clean your drains. Known as hydro jetting, this process ensures that the clog is completely removed. With regular hydro jetting sessions, you can prevent clogs in your drains. For restaurants, we recommend half-yearly, or even quarterly, drain cleaning sessions. Professional drain cleaning prevents clogs from building up in your drains and causing blockage when you least expect it. As a restaurant owner, you cannot afford to lose business over a clogged drain. That’s why it’s always safe to take preventive measures when it comes to building maintenance.

If you like our 3 tips for how to keep your Bay Area restaurant’s drains healthy and would like to discuss your drain pipes issues with a professional, give us a call.

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