3 Reasons Why Pipe Inspections Save You from Plumbing Nightmares

As a property manager or owner, you may be wondering why pipe diagnostic inspections are so important. The fact is, they typically end up saving you money. Having a camera inspection done on your property’s pipe systems can save you from costly, inconvenient, and often uncomfortable plumbing problems. Video inspections are a critical tool in identifying the source of an active leak or the cause of a reoccurring pipe problem, sewer odor dilemma, or toilet backup. And, like catching a health problem early, camera inspections can tell you when your problem is small so you can avoid large scale repair work when it’s not necessary. Bottom line - finding out what’s going on in your pipes by working with a trusted advisor like SPT really pays off.

Camera Inspections…

Show you what’s really going on.

The first step in solving a problem is to identify it – and that’s certainly the case with your drain pipes. Since the majority of plumbing systems are hidden under concrete floors or buried behind drywall it can be difficult to know that you have a pipe problem until it’s too late. There’s just no way to fully understand the condition of your drains until an internal camera inspection takes place. Whether you have a root intrusion problem, a misaligned joint, or a crack in an old cast iron pipe causing a leak, a camera inspection is the best way to identify pipe system problems.

Identify future problems, before they get out of hand.

During the pipe inspection process, the camera will help identify leaks and blockages. But camera inspections can also uncover future problems that your system may have down the road. For example, hidden corrosion can be identified as the pipe walls visibly recede and become thinner. Thinning walls in sewer lines eventually result in leaks and cracks.

Other factors that can lead to future problems include climate, water quality, and lack of proper maintenance. Scaling can build up inside the pipes, reducing volume and making the walls of the pipes rough, which collect debris that can cause a blockage. Blindly using mechanical snakes in drains can just send debris further down into the system and cause cracks that go undetected. Simply put, professional drain line video inspections are the best way to diagnose issues before they turn into serious problems for your building and community.

Help you plan for capital expenses.

Lastly, camera inspections offer owners and property managers a custom roadmap to plan out the resources needed to maintain and repair pipe systems years from now. In a condominium, for example, property managers and HOA boards of directors will be able to set aside the funds they need for future maintenance programs or repairs to keep their systems working properly.

Seeing is knowing.

Plan ahead and take a look inside pipes to keep plumbing nightmares from becoming real. Having a camera inspection done will help you avoid sudden drain problems and let you know which pipes are in good shape and which ones might need work, ultimately saving you money in the long-run.

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