3 Common Misconceptions About CIPP Lining

When it comes to cured-in-place-pipe (CIPP) lining there are a number of myths circling around the internet. When choosing between pipe replacement or rehabilitation make sure you know the facts! Pipe rehabilitation provides a time efficient, cost effective and long-term solution to many common non-pressurized/ gravity fed pipe system failures.

Myth: Trenchless CIPP Lining is New

Contrary to popular belief CIPP lining has been around for decades. We install Nu Flow Technologies’ (sister company) Nu Drain technology, which was brought to North America in 1987 by American Pipe Lining and given exclusive rights to manufacture and license the technology. Since becoming a licensee we have installed MILLIONS of feet of CIPP lining across North America and internationally.

Myth: Pipe Lining is Prohibitively Expensive

CIPP lining can be cheaper than traditional pipe replacement. Often re-plumbing is like having one flat tire but replacing all four at once. Pipe rehabilitation strategically targets and solves the problem areas within a pipe system. When you calculate all the costs associated with traditional pipe replacement, pipe rehabilitation is less expensive.

CIPP Lining vs. Re-Plumbing:

  • Fewer tools and equipment
  • Fully utilize existing access points, no construction
  • Saves time, hassle, and unit/property disturbance
  • Rehabilitates existing pipe system

Myth: I’ll Have to Replace My Pipes in a Few Years

Nu Flow’s Nu Drain pipe rehabilitation technology and materials are rated to last more than 50 years when installed properly. The CIPP lining product is safe and does not emit VOC’s (volatile organic compound). In addition, the technology meets or exceeds the physical properties set forth by third-party agencies such as the ASTM for CIPP rehabilitation.

Fact or fiction? CIPP lining is one of the industry’s best pipe rehabilitation solutions that can offer a long-term solution to residential, commercial and industrial buildings and properties.

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