3 Benefits of Hiring a Pipe Lining Specialist

3 benefits of hiring a pipe lining specialist

Specialized Pipe Technologies (SPT) works very hard to deliver the best service when it comes to rehabilitating pipes. Founded in 1994, SPT has the reputation of servicing advanced pipe cleaning, inspection and restoration.

Here are some benefits of hiring SPT as your pipe lining specialist.

1. Successful Track Record- Installed over 33 million feet of CIPP liner across North America

2. One Time Solution – Unlike reinstalling new pipe – lining has a longer life expectancy

3. Minimal Property Disturbance

Pipe lining is a way to restore pipe from damages inflicted by root intrusions, corrosions and leaks. How does pipe lining work? It consists of 4 steps.

1) Identify the cause of pipe damage – this could be tree root intrusion, leaks or corrosions. SPT uses a CCTV camera as means of inspecting pipelines under ground and within buildings.

2) Clean – in order to install a liner it in crucial that the pipe is clean so the liner will adhere to the pipe. This can be achieved using a variety of cutting tools.

3) Saturate Liner – Once the pipe is clean, technicians saturate a felt liner with an epoxy resin.

4) Liner is Pulled-into-Place – The liner is then pulled through the pipe while the rubber bladder expands and allows the epoxy to cure. This creates a structural Cured-in-Place-Pipe (CIPP).

Pipe lining is a simpler solution than a traditional “dig and replace”. Not only can this be done quicker, it is also a more cost-effective solution. If you are experiencing difficulties with you pipes, look no further than SPT. SPT has a proven track record, will need no reinstalling, and will not damage property.

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